REVLIMID is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) whose disease has relapsed or progressed after two prior therapies, one of which included bortezomib. REVLIMID is not indicated and is not recommended for the treatment of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) outside of controlled clinical trials.

REVLIMID was studied in previously treated patients with relapsed or refractory disease1

  • Median age was 67 years (range: 43-83); 81% of patients were male; 96% were Caucasian

Baseline Disease Characteristics and Prior Anti-Lymphoma Treatment

aECOG=Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group.

bMIPI=MCL International Prognostic Index.

cHigh tumor burden is defined as at least one lesion that is ≥5 cm in diameter or 3 lesions that are ≥3 cm in diameter.

dBulky disease is defined as at least 1 lesion that is ≥7 cm in the longest diameter.

See response rates in relapsed or refractory MCL patients.

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